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Mark Milligan

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Mark is a Front-End web developer based in Brighton, and is passionate about creating bespoke, pixel perfect websites, with code of the highest standard.

He is Currently working for a company in Chichester called Airborne Interactive, who develop software for aircraft screens (like the kind you would get on the back of the seats), developing similar software on iPads and other devices using web technology for VIP airlines. These are used by the crew to control various media, lighting, window shades etc...around the aircraft as well as the passengers for their in-flight entertainment. We are unable to give you a demo of the software but have a look at the plane here.

Prior to this, Mark worked on a contract basis alongside design agencies such as Cross Agency, Pepperfish Creative and Plum Creative, to create an extensive range of static and dynamic websites for individuals and businesses, with various requirements including responsive, e-commerce, event management and membership-based websites.

He enjoys working very closely with the design teams to ensure that both the design and build are intuitive and meet each customer's specific requirements, using a mix of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and PHP, to create all themes and sites from scratch.

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Unfortunately, he is unable to add his recent work at Airborne Interactive to the portfolio, however, he has built a number of websites displayed below:

Wild Nutrition
Tom Homewood
Stuart Townend
Design by Pepperfish. Visit Site
Henrietta Norton
Jo Ferris
Design by Pepperfish. Visit Site
The Brzeski Clinic
Design by Pepperfish. Visit Site
Arnaud's Language Kitchen
Jonny Norton Gardens
Yorke Dance Project
Miller Redshaw
Queens Park Tennis Club
Primary Matters
Eliza Mary Upholstery

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Wild Nutrition, Tom Homewood, Stuart Townend, LimeDB, Jonny Norton Gardens, Yorke Dance Project, Henrietta Norton, Southover, Jo Ferris, Miller Redshaw, Queens Park Tennis Club, Primary Matters, Phatmusic, The Brzeski Clinic, Eliza Mary Upholstery & Arnaud's Language Kitchen.